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Want to stop picking your skin, biting your nails, or chewing your lips/cheeks? Reduce these behaviors for a dollar a day...without medication!

  • is the only interactive program for self injurious skin picking (SISP) available.
  • is easy to use, affordable, and is worked in the privacy of your own home.
  • While there are millions of sufferers, no one strategy to end skin picking is right for everyone.  Our program matches strategies to meet your individual needs.
  • guides you through a behavioral program designed to help you reduce your skin picking.
  • takes less than 10 minutes a day to get results.
  • Learn customized strategies from the top SISP experts in the world.

  • How We Can Help 

    You are the only person who can change your behavior, but is here to help. Through daily monitoring using specific coping strategies you can stop skin picking...forever.

    What Users Say 

    I love the graph, it really helps me to see my progress over time.

    Top SISP Experts was developed by leading experts in the field of SISP. The program is based upon years of clinical practice and empirical research.

    Our Commitment To Privacy 

    The creators of are dedicated to protecting your privacy and assuring confidentiality to subscribers.